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Readily Available Enterprise IoT Platform

  • Variety of technologies
  • Quickly adaptable and intuitive UI
  • Easily understandable and Graphics rich UI
  • Scalable storage and Customizable Analytics

Custom Solutions and Interoperability

  • Standard and quick custom solutions
  • Retro fit or new requirements can be onboarded
  • Cross platform device compatibility
  • Remote sense, analyse and control

Secure and Robust

  • Highly secured and safe
  • Quickly Scalable
  • Data confidentiality
  • Secured communication

Saviour Ni-The Water Saviour

Smart Water Meter and Controller

  • Automatic Motor ON/OFF based water threshold level.
  • Configurable water threshold level.
  • Accurate water consumption details.
  • One Device controlling multiple tanks and motors.

Compare and Share

  • Compare your water usage with neighbours and friends.
  • Apartment residents can compare block wise and individual house wise water consumption.

Solution For Individual Homes and Apartments

  • Individual homes details.
  • Apartment block wise details.
  • Apartment individual home details (multi inlet consumption).

App and Web Based Custom Dashboards

  • Custom Web & App based dashboards for users.
  • Admin dashboard consists of summary of all the users consumption in rich graphics.
  • Automatic bill generation based on the user consumption and online payment.
  • Custom dashboard for all the users with their usage details.

Water Consumption Details in Rich Graphics on App and Web

  • Live water availability status of all the tanks
  • Daily & past water consumption details in litres

Sharing Dashboards on Social Networking Sites

  • Users can share their Individual home / Apartment consumption dashboards on Social medium

Real time Water Leakage Detector

  • Tap water leakage detection.
  • Sump water leakage detection.

Real time Water Quality Details

  • Real time water TDS info

Real time Sump Water Monitoring

  • Monitor sump water level & avoid motor dry run.
  • Intimation via SMS/Email when sump is running dry.
  • Real time water measurement, detect any malpractices.

Various Metrics

  • City/Pin code/Area based consumption details.
  • Average Motor ON time.
  • Average water consumption for the apartment, area and city.

Saviour Ni-The Smart Jar

Remote Monitoring

  • Remote monitoring of Jars/Containers and contents (liquid, semi-liquid and solid).
  • Remote real time contents availability info on App and Web.

Web and App based dashboards

  • Custom dashboards for Admin and Service boys.
  • Web and App based dashboard for Admin to monitir all the jars.
  • App based dashboard for Service boys.

Consumption Data Analytics

  • Content consumption data analytics in rich graphics.

Battery Powered

  • Charge once and use 1-4 weeks.

Saviour Ni-Sensu

Remote Diagnosis and Control

  • Remote diagnosis of Water Purifier/RO/RO Panels/Air-cooler etc.
  • All the important parameters are made available on App and Web.
  • Remotely control the Water Purifier/RO in emergency.

Exclusive communication provision

  • Vendor and Customer can communicate with provided messenger service
  • Customer can raise a complaint and track it
  • Vendor can address the complaint

Real time track customer

  • Maintains the customer and service details
  • Keep the track of service history and due date

Custom Notifications

  • Custom notifications on the selected events to Vendor and Customer on App

Custom Dashboards for Vendors and Customer

  • Maintains all the customer details on a single webpage/App
  • Provision to check the status of all the customers water purifiers
  • Customer gets the details of the purifier on App/Web

Adapting to custom requirements

  • Custom hardware requirements can be addressed
  • Custom dashboards on need basis added

Detect unauthorised services

  • Identify and address unauthorised services

Geo Locate

  • Real time geo locate the customers

Ni-Sensu Types

Ni-The Smart Jar